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Announcements / Re: What to do?
« on: June 22, 2016, 12:32:58 PM »
Ske, I know that this in gonna be some shit advice but honestly, do what you feel like is the best for you, not for us. We are your viewers and we are loyal. We respect whatever decision you make. As for playing one game every night to develop that fanbase, personally I would chose Rocket League purely on the fact that I love that game. But then again, I wouldn't mind watching you play Battlefield at all. You are good at the game and you like the game. Either of those are the best for me and probably most people. But with what you are trying to do with your channel, I'd go with playing Battlefield and develop that fanbase. Btw sorry I haven't been at the streams lately, had some shit to do, but I'm good now, see you tonight! And I hope my advice helps in any way

Announcements / Re: New Schedule?!
« on: May 22, 2016, 11:27:47 PM »

The darker side of streams... / The next one... BUT WITH THE HOMIE WISE!
« on: January 26, 2016, 12:04:06 AM »
A couple weeks after the previous events occurred, Skedog and Jev are having a lovely cup of tea and they here a knock on their door! It must be Wise! Jev says, "I'll get it babe" and proceeds to go to the door to open it for Ske's old friend. Jev never met wise, but heard great stories of him and Ske, some stories were pretty erotic. Jev wanted to see what Wise could do. So Skedog gets up and greets his old friend with a swift kiss and then a hug. (Ske and Jev's relationship is open, they like to mix things up) Soon they finish their tea and go up to Ske's bedroom for some... fun. Ske started to make out with Wise, but Jev cut it short and said,"Let me test him out first". Jev starts to make out with Wise, they are kissing very aggressively and Ske starts to get aroused and tells Jev and Wise to take their clothes off so Ske could see Wise's and Jev's sexy bodies. Ske soon wants to join in so he gets Jev on his knees and takes his big, fat cock and thrusts it into Jev's mouth. Then Wise comes up behind Ske and rubs his dick over Ske's pale white ass. Ske skullfucks Jev harder and harder to ease the pain of Wise's huge cock going into his tight ass. Ske proclaims that he is about to cum so Jev takes Ske's cock out of his mouth so the session will last longer. Since Ske was about to cum, he is just left there hanging. (Literally) Wise is wise enough when to pull out so that he won't cum either. Then Ske goes where Jev was and Wise goes where Ske was and Jev is in the back fucking Wise like there is no tomorrow! Wise's ass just felt so good and Ske's mouth just felt so great for Wise, too great in fact, since Wise shot his load all into Ske's little whiteboy mouth. There was so much cum that Ske had to swallow it! He didn't want to look like a quitter! (Spitters are Quitters) So Ske had to swallow all of that warm cum. Jev soon came into Wise's ass and it felt fantastic! This little experience, I guess you could say, made then all the WISER!

God damnit I fucking did it again.

The darker side of streams... / You aren't ready.
« on: January 19, 2016, 11:37:16 PM »
It was a dark and stormy night, as Skedog has Kraze tied up to a chair in his basement, Skedog hears a faint knock on his door, Skedog calls out, "Who it it?!" No one answers. Skedog has become a little curious as to who would be knocking on his door at such at time? The knocking continues. Skedog walks up the basement stairs and to his front door. The knocking sub-ceded as the character outside sees Skedog's very slim body through the glass door. Skedog asks who it is again, but this time, a small, faint reply came through the door, "It's Jev". Skedog opens the door and greets his old friend and welcomes him inside. Skedog asks if he could take Jev's wet, dripping coat. Jev replies with, "That's not the only thing that's going to be wet and dripping when we're done." Then Jev smiles slyly and begins to caress Skedog's cheek. Skedog says, "Not here, I have a better place for this. Where I have some... friends." Skedog then takes Jev's hand and practically pulls Jev along to the basement door, Jev begins to get worried on why Skedog is taking his to the basement, and not Skedog's bedroom. But little did Jev know, he was going to be in for a very, very good surprise. Skedog opens the creaky, rusty door, and Jev was astonished at what he saw. It was Kraze! Accept Kraze was tied up to a chair for some reason. Why? Why would Skedog have Kraze in his basement, tied up to a chair? Jev couldn't wrap his head around why Kraze was there. Then Skedog walks up to Jev slowly and begins to wrap his arms around Jev and begins to kiss his neck. Jev is baffled on why Skedog is doing this right in front of Kraze. Then Skedog walks over to Kraze and begins to take his clothes off. Jev finally gets what is happening and joins in. Jev starts untying Kraze from his bonds. Skedog then slowly pulls Kraze's pants down from behind. As Jev gets on his knees in front of Kraze, Skedog starts slowly jerking off to get a hard on. Jev begins to suck Kraze's dick, it's so big in Jev's mouth, and Kraze is starting to get into it as well. Jev begins gasping for air because Kraze won't let Jev's head go. As Skedog lubes up his wet, throbbing cock for Kraze's tight, little asshole, Kraze begins to get worried and looks back at Skedog to see the sheer size of his dick, Jev sticks his cock in Kraze's wet mouth. Kraze is scared at first, but then Skedog inserts his huge dick in Kraze's ass, and Kraze begins to feel a trance come over him as he gets double-fucked from both sides. Skedog cries out that he is about to finish and what a surprise! Jev was about to cum as well. Soon Kraze is filled with both of the sexy men's cum, which is oozing out from Kraze's mouth and ass. As Kraze sits there exhausted, Jev and Skedog high-five on their accomplishment. Then Jev said," That was... Ske-tastic!"
Kill Me Plz, I ruined a great fan-fic with a horrible pun. FUCK

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